In the event the matchmaking merely comes to telephone, composed otherwise on the web correspondence, a charge may not be provided

Also, visa are not granted so you’re able to a man-/girlfriend for people who just like the a charge applicant and / or the server are inserted because the partnered to some other people, because relationships between you and this new server where state can’t be regarded as reported

  • Spouses
  • Cohabiting partners otherwise boy/girlfriends
  • College students (despite ages) and their associated spouse
  • Mothers as well as their associated companion
  • Siblings in addition to their accompanying partner.

Additionally, charge will not be offered to help you a boy-/girlfriend for folks who because a visa applicant and / or their host try inserted given that married to another individual, because relationships ranging from you and the latest machine where situation cannot be regarded as reported

  • Nieces, nephews and you will grandchildren beneath the age of 18 seeking to travel so you’re able to Denmark on holiday unaccompanied by the an adult
  • Romantic associates out-of a good Danish resident exactly who previously did overseas to have good Danish business
  • Recruit college students according to the period of 18
  • Some body associated an elder loved one.

Spouses, cohabiting lovers and you may guy/girlfriends together with underage college students away from Danish citizens who live abroad and additionally qualify for visas.

So that a man/partner to be eligible for a charge, new candidate and personal staying in Denmark need confirm you to they have had and possess a lengthy-name dating. This requires: proving that each other machine and you can candidate try unmarried or divorced, they have fulfilled myself and possess already been along with her inside the past year.

When you’re individuals aside from the brand new mate, cohabiting lover, children underneath the age 18 or a dad of a guy located in Denmark, your application would-be rejected whenever we evaluate that your particular connection for the household country isn’t of such a capacity one to it’s likely that you will go back home immediately after your visa ends. In such instances, we are going to make up what type of household enable you would be able to get.

In case your particular household enable you you are going to qualify for create not require a penalty months (eg family unit members reunification), a visa are going to be offered, no matter if i evaluate that there’s a danger that you commonly apply for much time-name house during Denmark.

The application could be refuted, no matter what relationship you have on the servers, when we evaluate that there is a leading chance you grab permanent or enough time-label household within the Denmark or in various other Schengen country.

This would be the actual situation for people who display motives off perhaps not leaving just after your own charge expires or if you before demonstrate a conduct that demonstrates that you might want to go longer in the Denmark than simply on a brief, or if perhaps discover reasoning to trust this package of the host’s prior traffic broken the latest regards to a charge.

Class cuatro has nations whose residents means a top degree of risk so you can immigrate dishonestly so you’re able to Denmark or some other Schengen nation.

Algeria, Bangladesh, Popular Republic off Congo, Ethiopia, Gambia, Iran, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, stateless Palestinians ix , Senegal, Sudan, Southern Sudan, Tunisia, Vanuatu x , Yemen.

x Proprietors off normal passports issued by the Republic out-of Vanuatu in advance of try excused out-of visa demands when entering Denmark.

Due to the fact a residents from a country in group cuatro you could once the a kick off point feel given a visa while the lover, cohabiting companion, slight child otherwise a daddy of individuals living in Denmark. You will be considered a ‘cohabiting partner’ if this will likely be recorded you have resided with her for at least 1 . 5 years.

Your application was denied, when we come across likely that you will bring permanent otherwise much time-label household during the Denmark or in various other Schengen nation.